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Best of Class - 2023 Boston Intl. Wine Competition
Tasting Notes
Best of Class - 2023 Boston Intl. Wine Competition; Best of Paso Robles AVA, Double Gold, 97 pts. - 2022 Harvest Terroir Challenge (Sonoma); Platinum, 97 pts. - 2022 Las Vegas Global Wine Awards; Gold - 2022 Denver Intl. Wine Competition ------ Intense smells of blueberry pie, red currant, raisins, clove, wooded areas, and sound earthiness. Full bodied with a big mouthfeel. Smooth and opulent tannins provide a perfect balance with acidity while bringing out a soft finish.

About the Vineyard

Vineyard Notes
Margarita Vineyard stands alone as the southernmost vineyard in the Paso Robles region in the new Margarita Ranch AVA. This vineyard is utterly unique in that it receives enough heat to create a Paso Robles Bordeaux varietal with little risk of overheating the grapes. These Malbec vines grow in San Andreas Arujo complex soil with 9 to 15 percent slopes. Block 45 produces Malbec with exquisite fruit composition and organoleptic qualities.

Winemaker Notes

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